Winterize Your Running Shoes on the Cheap

There isn’t any reason for winter to inhibit your running program. With a few simple tools, you can winterize your current running shoes by transforming them into Screw Shoes. Huh? Read on.

Make your own Screw Shoes

If you’re running on packed snow and ice, or even if your running in early spring when snow melts during the day and freezes on pavement at night creating a disaster for your early morning run, Screw Shoes are for you.

The name says it all. By inserting screws into the treads of your running shoes, you create a snow and ice gripping monster without threatening the stability, comfort or fit of your current running shoe or trail runner. First, get the tools. You’ll need:

If you’re inserting screws into shoes with gel or air pockets, you’ll have to be strategic about where you insert screws. If not, insert them where you think they’ll work best for you. Placing them on treads makes the most sense as placing them between threads is fruitless. I prefer to place the majority of screws under the ball of my foot; my running partner likes a lot at the heel. She’s known to fall coming down an icy hill, and the heel placement of the screws supports her quest to remain upright.

One of the best parts about screw shoes is that when winter ice is gone for the season, you need not purchase new shoes. Simply remove the screws and hit the road.

April 2, 2006 | by Admin

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