After Years of Injuries, I Finally Found the Asics GT 2040

If you’re an over-pronator, the Asics GT 2040 might just be for you. For long-distance over-pronators, especially those of us with narrow feet, the Asics GT 2040 puts up a solid fight.

As one Asics GT 2040 user put it:

“My over-pronation was causing my tendenitis and stress fractures. What I needed was the best narrow, motion control shoes that I could find. After years of injuries, and years of trying different shoes, I finally got it right! I trained and ran with the Asics GT 2040. I had a wonderful training experience and ran a very respectable marathon.”

In fact, this runner gives the Asics GT 2040 5 out of 5 stars. Check out her review.

April 26, 2006. Asics, Motion Control Shoes, Sneakers.