Asics Gel-Kinsei – Most Revolutionary Shoe Yet

On February 1, 2006, Asics launched its Gel-Kinsei, its most advanced running shoe to date. This stability shoe is jam-packed with features while weighing 13.2 oz for men and 11.5 oz for women. Here’s why you might want to consider a pair:

-The upper was created with a mesh material called Spacemaster-UV®. The material was inspired by sea-coral, and is very light, dry, and durable. Additionally, the shine reflects UV rays, making for a cooler run for your feet.

-The Solyte midsole cradles the foot and connects to the heel, providing maximum support

-The heel features two separate Gel® columns, and allows the heel to move independently while absorbing shock

It’s no wonder that Asics calls this shoe its “golden star” (kinsei’s English translation!). Previously launched in small quantities as the 2005 ING NYC Marathon, the shoe is now available in wide release for about $165. For more information, visit the Asics website.

February 13, 2006. Asics, Sneakers, Stability Shoes.