Asics Responds to Unique Arch Fluctuation

It’s visibly evident that women’s feet are shaped differently than men’s. And, due to the shape of their hips, women’s running stride is also different than men’s. But Asics has responded with a recently developed running shoe system to another characteristic of the female foot that sets it apart from its male counterpart. Asics International Research Coordinator Simon Bartold says in Runners’ World Magazine,

“Estrogen relaxes soft tissue, which causes changes in arch height over the course of the menstrual cycle.”

In response to the unique fluctuation in the female foot, Asics developed the Gender Space Trusstic System that adjusts to fit a women’s arch as it changes shape. This cushioning and support device is created with a thin layer of foam that lies across a rigid arch such that when a woman’s arch drops, the foam is compressed and flattened. When her arch is higher, the foam elevates and provides increased cushioning. This feature debuted in the Asics Gel Kayono and the Asics Women’s GT 2110. Check them out:
Asics Gel Kayano
GT 2110

April 30, 2006. Asics, Motion Control Shoes, Sneakers.