“Beast 9″ From Brooks Sheds Some Weight

If you are a larger runner looking for a lightweight trainer that still has plenty of stability, check out the new Beast 9 from Brooks. This model is “noticeably lighter and more comfortable than previous Beasts”, according to one reviewer– and more resilient. While the Beast may not be THE lightest stability shoe out there, it may very well be the most comfortable.

“If you overpronate or are a heavy runner, you must try these out. The added stability and comfort is a must if you want to run long distances. I have to admit, my farthest run in these shoes has been a half marathon and I had no pain in my feet at all. If you are interested in longer distances, I can’t say how the Beast will hold up but from what I can tell, there will be no problems. The added weight may factor into longer distances.”

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Ladies: Check out the women’s version of the Beast, the Brooks Ariel.

Beast 9

October 4, 2006. Sneakers.