Blisters Be Gone!

So your old running shoes have covered your feet in blisters. You’ve fixed the problem by purchasing new, better fitting running shoes, but you still have the blisters. Is there any way to treat the blisters and keep your workout schedule while the throbbing bubbles heal? Check out these products to relieve and prevent those horrible hotspots.

ENGO Performance Patches

4 Pack $9.95
ENGO Performance Patches are applied directly to the shoe, sock or insole. The patch creates a slick, chafe-free surface. I wore one patch through several long runs and it stayed in place. These are pricey, but I definitely got what I paid for — I’ve been blister free for as long as I’ve used ENGO.
Check out this link for instructions for use and to purchase ENGO Performance Patches .

ProFoot Corn Wrap

3 Pack $4.33

This product stretches over toes, aligning the gel padding on the blister to provide relief. My running partner uses these and finds that the gel squishes in between her toes and greatly minimizes her blister pain on impact. She says that this product makes her pain worse when she has big blisters, but works beautifully for smaller irritants.

Check out ProFoot Corn Wraps here.

SportShield Towlette

10 Pack $8
This lubricated towelette is rubbed on feet to prevent blister causing friction. The SportShield is simple to apply, there isn’t any mess and it’s usable on all chafe areas, not just feet. The biggest drawback of this product is that it’s only preventative and doesn’t provide relief on existing blisters.

Order SportShield Towlettes here

April 28, 2006. Sneakers.