Bugs for Winter and Spring Running

The fairly new IceBug Multi-Run Dry Shoe is hailed by SNEWS as the best waterproof shoe of the year. Useful for both running on ice and running through a wet spring, the IceBug Multi-Run Dry Shoe leaves no excuses for avoiding a rainy day. For $145, you can get the shoe SNEWS gives 4 out of 5 clapping hands:

The relatively new Icebug Multi Run shoes are unquestionably the best option for winter running yet. Their most notable feature is a set of 17 carbide steel studs that protrude from lugs on an otherwise conventional trail running sole. The metal studs are designed to recess into the lugs when they strike hard ground, yet provide traction on ice.

While wearing Icebugs, you can dash confidently across ice that would have you tiptoeing in any other running shoes; even dogs donít grip as well. The model tested has a waterproof/breathable lining so puddles and slush are no problem either ó just charge on through. They are fantastic winter shoes, even for walking on sidewalks!

Check out the new IceBugs!

April 8, 2006. Reviews, Sneakers, Trail Shoes.