Find me a Running Shoe!

You’ve read the reviews. You understand the importance of a properly fitting shoe. You know your gait. You’ve identified your foot type. Your running stride is no mystery and you’ve analyzed your running habits. All you want is a running shoe. But, so many shoes remain. You’re a lot smarter about running shoes, cross-trainers, racing flats and trail runners, but your foot is still bare. Is there any hope?

Some runners benefit from an interactive Running Shoe Finder tool. Several online sites offer short questionnaires to help you narrow down a shoe for you. It’s like your own personal podiatrist running shoe expert living in your laptop. Check out the sites below and determine the shoe for you:

Runner’s World Shoe Finder Shoe Finder

OnlineShoes.Com Shoe Finder

March 29, 2006. Sneakers, Stability Shoes, Trail Shoes.