How to Determine What Kind of Arches Your Feet Have

Earlier we showed you how to measure the size and width of your feet, but we neglected to demonstrate how to go and determine an equally important aspect of buying a running shoes; how to determine what kind of arch you have and what the appropriate type of support you need from your running shoes.

The process is simple. Get a white sheet of paper, even some torn from a notebook or excess printer paper will do. Lay the paper on the ground. Now fill a pot with water and dip your feet in it. Apply your feet to the white sheet of paper and compare the impression it leaves to these images.

If you have a high arch, it will look more like the image on the left. If you have a flat or low arch, than it will look like the image on the right. If your foot imprint is close to an average of the two images, than you have a neutral arch.

Doing this I found out what I already knew which is that I happen to have high arches and need a lot of support in my running shoe.

January 17, 2007. Sneakers.