If the Running Shoe Fits, Test It: Tips for Picking the Best Sneaker for You

Though it’s common knowledge that sneakers should be lightweight and comfortable, finding the right running shoe for your foot is actually quite a complex process. Here are a few basic tips to get you started:

1. Make sure that your running shoe has a little “breathing room” in the front: While everyone knows the “thumb rule” for buying shoes, few people realize that many runners go up a half-size when purchasing new running shoes. I do this because it puts less pressure on my toes, making for much more comfortable long runs.

2. Find out what kind of mobility you need in a shoe: The way your foot hits the ground when you run impacts your entire lower body. Runners’ feet hit move in many different ways, and finding shoes that help you move with the smoothest gait possible will give you a better stride and decrease the likelihood of injury. One way to determine the correct type of shoe is by the structure of your arches.

3. Figure out which surfaces you will be running on most: Depending on where you plan to run (roads, trails, etc.) determines what type of traction you need on your shoes.

When buying a running shoe, go in with these three thoughts on your mind and you’ll be off to a head start!

January 11, 2006. Sneakers.