Nimbus Earns 5 Stars

Runners adore the ASICS Gel Nimbus VI Cushion Running Shoes. Featuring the Asics Impact Guidance System (IGS) this cushioned trainer enhances a foot’s natural gait. Providing superior fit, it offers increased absorption and midsole durability.

Reviewers universally give Nimbus five stars. Check out the review highlighted below:

When I started running 2 years ago, I made the mistake of running in cheap shoes, and began to experience awful pain in my left heel while running. I have since wised up, and will only purchase running shoes at a “running store”. The chain sporting goods stores you find in every mall don’t count as their selection of high quality shoes are limited, and staff experience is equally limited. I needed a great cushioning shoe for my heel problem. I tried on 3 pair of shoes based on the running store recommendation. Asics Gel Nimbus VI, Brooks Glycerin 3, Saucony 3D Grid Triumph2. For me, the Nimbus VI felt most comfortable in the store (half size above my foot measurement). I’ve been on my treadmill running in my Nimbus VI for the past month, and I feel like royalty. I’ve never owned such a good pair of running shoes, and most important, my heel pain has diminished.

April 14, 2006. Asics, Reviews, Sneakers.