Perhaps the Best Running Tights of the Year

Supplement your winter run with a fantastic pair of running tights. No pair of winter running shoes is complete without solid running tights to accompany them for an icy workout. While a little pricier than the average tight, Brooks Vapor-Dry 2, Men’s Running Tights leads the way for warm, dare we say hot, durable, comfortable running tights. Rarely does a running tight earn 5 stars, but this one does without exception. Check out reviews at . Here’s a great excerpt:

Brooks constructs the tights using their Vapor-Dry²™ fabric, a fabric composed of a gradient-design polyester for the moisture-transfer properties and 7% spandex for elasticity. This blend is well-suited for cold weather, as it’s heavier than most “standard” running tights made of spandex and wicks moisture away from the wearer’s skin. The poly-spandex blend has a nice, smooth hand, wears well, and is not prone to snags. The fabric moves extremely well without binding, and does not hold moisture at the skin level. On damp days, the tights act to keep moisture from penetrating, so that even such a thin layer of fabric keeps the wearer warm and dry. They’re machine-washable, drying in just a few hours if you have a short turnaround time.

The tights’ waist is elasticized with a flat mesh drawstring, which is cunningly constructed so that it’s already crossed inside the waistband. Unlike many tights I’ve owned, this pair has a key pocket sewn inside the waistband. The legs feature elastic grippers much like those seen on cycling shorts, so that they fit snugly at the ankles. The all-black (the sole color available) tights have a reflective Brooks logo at the right ankle and a tiny reflective Vapor-Dry tag on the left hip. The seams are sewn flat to prevent chafing, and the tights are shaped anatomically to increase the wearer’s comfort and mobility.

March 23, 2006. Sneakers.