Prone to Over-Pronate? Try a Motion Control Shoe

If you overpronate, like many runners out there, you know what a (literal) pain it can be. Overpronation, for those of you not familiar with the term, is an inward rolling of the foot during a running stride. While all runners pronate to a certain extent, some of us (usually with flat feet) turn our foot TOO far inward when we push off. This can lead to a number of injuries, including shin splints, IT band syndrome, and heel spurs.

One way to counter over-pronation is by purchasing motion control running shoes. Motion control shoes, or durability shoes, do precisely what they say they support the flat arches that most over-pronators possess, helping them to have a more controlled gait. One example is one of the best running shoes on the market, the Brooks Beast motion control shoe. For more info on motion control running sneakers, please see our motion control page.

January 13, 2006. Motion Control Shoes, Running Stride, Sneakers.