Racing Flats: To Wear or not to Wear

Those of you in the racing world know the benefits of racing flats. While a number of websites out there promote the shoes, and a variety of racing flat shoes are available to those who are interested in using them, consider these facts before whipping out your checkbook:

-For short distance races, and for runners with minimal pronation/supination problems, these are great shoes to run in! They’re extremely lightweight (2-4 oz less than a regular trainer) and can help you pare down your race time unlike any other shoe.

-Racing flats provide very little duraiblity, stability, flexibility, or support compared to training shoes. If you have motion problems (as I do), I would NOT recommend running in these for training purposes.

-Even the most biomechanically efficient runners should only consider using these shoes for short runs. If you are planning to run a marathon, for example, the long-term damage that a racing flat can’t prevent could be far bigger than the 10 seconds you shave off of your time.

So in sum: Short distances + Good stride = something to consider; Long races + Bad stride equals a recipe for disaster. If you think these shoes may be right for you, we will be posting a variety of racing flat reviews over the next several months. Keep your eyes open for the one for you!

February 19, 2006. Racing Flats, Sneakers.