The Mechanics Behind Motion Control Shoes

Know you need a motion control running shoe, but don’t quite understand the mechanics? offers an easy-to-understand explanation:

“Motion Control shoes are designed for the severe over-pronator. A severe over-pronator has a foot whose arch is too flexible and collapses excessively. This causes the foot to roll inward at an extreme angle and puts strain on the shins, knees, and lower back. Motion Control shoes are straight lasted and have a very broad base for support. Motion Control shoes will also have either a dual density midsole or a rollbar, or both, for added pronation control.”

Here’s another test of a good motion control shoe: Twist it. It should be rigid through the arch, so that when you run on it, it doesn’t allow you to twist your foot, curbing over-pronation.

January 15, 2006. Motion Control Shoes, Sneakers.