The Standard in Men’s Trail Runners

If you’re an all season runner who loves hitting the trails, consider the Montrail Susitna XCR Trail Running shoe this season. With a Gore-Tex shell, and a DryShell to prevent water weight gain, it provides one of the greatest levels of breathability ever achieved in waterproof footwear. This trail runner provides a comfortable, conforming and durable fit.

Back Country Outlet reviews the Montrail Susitna XCR. The shoe earns between 4 and 5 stars with each review.

” I wore these shoes for a 20 mile trail run right out of the box. The track was wet with several creek crossings and lots of slogging through thick mud. My feet stayed dry and comfortable without blistering. The only improvement I could ask for is an easier lacing system to allow tightening without stopping and removing gators. “

” The greatest thing about this pair of goretex shoes is that it actually stays dry and therefore, *light*. This is very important for runners. Unlike the others, the goretex layer is on the outside and so the shoes won’t get soaked. As for why I didn’t give it 5 stars, well, I never find much breathability of any goretex shoes, not even in this pair that uses XCR.”

Before your next trail runner purchase, learn about the Montrail Susitna XCR.

March 31, 2006. Reviews, Trail Shoes.