Under-Pronators and Supinators – Try a Neutral-Cushioned Shoe

Under-pronators and supinators: Do you tend to have some running pains in your joints? If so, a flexibility or neutral-cushioned shoe might be right for you. Here’s why:

Under-pronators (those who roll the foot inward enough during your stride) and supinators (those who roll the foot outward during your stride) often don’t hit the ground with the majority of your feet. This can be partially due to high arches, and mainly due to the mechanical motion of the foot. The consequences of this are that the feet (the “shock absorber” for the leg) don’t work to their full effect and often put increased strain on the leg, causing injuries such as ankle pain, heel spurs, and pain in the knees. To combat this motion, runners need to find shoes that offer minimal support on the medial (inner) part of the foot so that it has an easier time turning inward.

Flexibity shoes often do this. They are frequently lightweight compared to other shoes and have a soft sole to help absorb and spread impact throughout the foot. Additionally, they have minimal to no stability features to curb pronation, allowing the foot to roll inward to its maximum.

Flexibility shoes tend to work best for lighter under-pronators, as their soft features tend to be less durable than those in stability or motion-control shoes. For heavier under-pronators, a flexible stability shoe may be the solution.

February 25, 2006. Neutral Cushioned Shoes, Running Stride, Sneakers.