What is Under-Pronation?

If you did the paper-towel test and found that you have a high arch, or if you are bow-legged, you may be vulnerable to under-pronation. Under-pronation is the opposite of pronation, and occurs when the foot doesn’t collapse enough to absorb the shock of each step you take.

If you’re a little confused at what under-pronation means, think of it this way:

Walk forward with your right foot. As you step forward, you first touch the ground with the heel of your foot and then proceed to touch it with your toe. Your foot should also roll slightly from outside to inside (from right to left) to protect the legs from receiving too much impact. When you under-pronate, your foot tends to not roll enough, sending too much impact throughout the legs.

Runners who under-pronate may experience the following symptoms amongst others:
-Ankle rollover
-Achilles tendonitis
-Knee, hip, or lower back pain
-Plantar fasciitis (heel spurs)

Fortunately, there is an entire line of running shoes – flexibility/neutral-cushioned shoes, out there for under-pronating runners. To see whether or not you are a under-pronator, go to a specialty running shoe retailer so they can do a gait analysis of your foot. For reviews and further information on under-pronation, continue to puruse our website for reviews!

February 21, 2006. Neutral Cushioned Shoes, Running Stride, Sneakers.