Winning the War on Water: How to Keep Feet Dry this Spring

If you’re like me, you think running through puddles after ice melts is as miserable as running on ice. Unfortunately, the only waterproof running shoes I can find are trail runners, and I don’t need so much shoe for my spring road running. What’s a runner to do?

Gear Guy at Outside Magazine has the answer. If waterproof trail runners are more gear than you want, don’t waterproof your shoe, waterproof your foot. Gear Guy says:

“One way to do this is with a Gore-Tex sock, such as the Rocky Gore-Tex Oversock ($50). It has stretchy upper panels for a snug fit, while the part that goes into your shoe is non-stretch for better durability. Put on a pair of these and you can wear any shoe you want in wet weather. For fewer bucks, I also recommend the SealSkinz All-Season Socks ($29), which use waterproof-breathable technology developed by DuPont. A little bulky, but these will work very well too.”

Keep on running!

April 4, 2006. Sneakers.