How to Measure the Size and Width of Your Foot

I’ve recently realized my shoes do no fit correctly so I have been trying to determine how to get a better fit. One key thing is to keep in mind that your shoe size is more than just the length of your foot and even more than the width. Cludging your feet into shoes which fit only one aspect of your actual three dimensional foot can results in foot pains and leg problems. Here is an a descrption and illustration of how to measure your feet courtesy of HealthBolt:

Measure your feet once a year. Your foot size will change throughout your entire life. It may not be as dramatic as the 18 and under crowd, but they do change. For instance: when I started running about 2 years ago I was a 10.5; now I’m an 11. (I’m 25 years old.)

There are three dimensions you should measure your feet by when purchasing a shoe. Size (which is really “length”), arch and width.

Size [Running Shoes Research Ed note: Length]

Put a piece of paper on a hard surface and step on it. You may want to wear the actual kind of sock you’ll be wearing with the shoes you’re planning on fitting with these measurements. Make a mark (or better yet, have someone do it for you while you stand up straight) in front of your longest toe and one just behind your heel.


In the same position, measure the outside of your foot at its widest point and the inside at its widest point.

When did this I found that my feet are actually a size 12 in length now rather than a 11.5 they had been since I was 19. The width is about a size E.

August 23, 2006 | by Admin