Brooks Ariel: Keeping up with the Beast

Ladies, if you’re in awe/envy of the Brooks Beast, fear not: there is a running shoe out there for you. In addition to the Beast, Brooks features the Ariel for women. In addition to a color job, the shoes are cut a little lighter and weigh in at 12.3 oz vs. 14.5 for the Beast.

Like the Brooks Beast running shoe, Ariel is known by many as the best women’s motion control shoe on the market. Again, it’s geared to runners that over-pronate, have low or flat arches, and those who sometimes use orthotics. The Ariel uses most of the same technology as the beast, including Substance 257, a compound that claims to “offer unsurpassed cushioning and durability.” Both shoes also offer diagonal rollbars on the bottom of the shoe to reduce excess pronation, and heel stabilizers to increase motion control. It can cost anywhere between $90-$110, depending on the store or website. For more information, visit the Brooks Website.

January 7, 2006. Brooks, Motion Control Shoes, Sneakers.