Nike Air Cesium: A Lighter Running Shoe for Over-Pronators

While many motion-control shoes are relatively heavy, companies are now making innovations to these running shoes to make them lighter. One such shoe is the Nike Air Cesium.

Air Cesium, which was featured in November 2005’s Runner’s World Magazine as a hot new product, is classified as a stability shoe with motion control capabilities. The shoe features a crash pad on the lateral (outside) portion of the foot, helping soften the blow with each step and making it harder to over-pronate. Geared toward mid- to heavy-weight runners (runners that are more likely to over-pronate) the Air Cesium claims to “offer similar benefits of a custom orthotic,” according to Nike officials, while weighing in at a waif-like 10 ounces.

The Air Cesium is available on a number of European web sites and will be officially unveiled by Nike in January of 2006.

January 5, 2006. Motion Control Shoes, Nike, Sneakers.