Asics Responds to Unique Arch Fluctuation

It’s visibly evident that women’s feet are shaped differently than men’s. And, due to the shape of their hips, women’s running stride is also different than men’s. But Asics has responded with a recently developed running shoe system to another characteristic of the female foot that sets it apart from its male counterpart. Asics International Research Coordinator Simon Bartold says in Runners’ World Magazine,

“Estrogen relaxes soft tissue, which causes changes in arch height over the course of the menstrual cycle.”

In response to the unique fluctuation in the female foot, Asics developed the Gender Space Trusstic System that adjusts to fit a women’s arch as it changes shape. This cushioning and support device is created with a thin layer of foam that lies across a rigid arch such that when a woman’s arch drops, the foam is compressed and flattened. When her arch is higher, the foam elevates and provides increased cushioning. This feature debuted in the Asics Gel Kayono and the Asics Women’s GT 2110. Check them out:
Asics Gel Kayano
GT 2110

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After Years of Injuries, I Finally Found the Asics GT 2040

If you’re an over-pronator, the Asics GT 2040 might just be for you. For long-distance over-pronators, especially those of us with narrow feet, the Asics GT 2040 puts up a solid fight.

As one Asics GT 2040 user put it:

“My over-pronation was causing my tendenitis and stress fractures. What I needed was the best narrow, motion control shoes that I could find. After years of injuries, and years of trying different shoes, I finally got it right! I trained and ran with the Asics GT 2040. I had a wonderful training experience and ran a very respectable marathon.”

In fact, this runner gives the Asics GT 2040 5 out of 5 stars. Check out her review.

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Nimbus Earns 5 Stars

Runners adore the ASICS Gel Nimbus VI Cushion Running Shoes. Featuring the Asics Impact Guidance System (IGS) this cushioned trainer enhances a foot’s natural gait. Providing superior fit, it offers increased absorption and midsole durability.

Reviewers universally give Nimbus five stars. Check out the review highlighted below:

When I started running 2 years ago, I made the mistake of running in cheap shoes, and began to experience awful pain in my left heel while running. I have since wised up, and will only purchase running shoes at a “running store”. The chain sporting goods stores you find in every mall don’t count as their selection of high quality shoes are limited, and staff experience is equally limited. I needed a great cushioning shoe for my heel problem. I tried on 3 pair of shoes based on the running store recommendation. Asics Gel Nimbus VI, Brooks Glycerin 3, Saucony 3D Grid Triumph2. For me, the Nimbus VI felt most comfortable in the store (half size above my foot measurement). I’ve been on my treadmill running in my Nimbus VI for the past month, and I feel like royalty. I’ve never owned such a good pair of running shoes, and most important, my heel pain has diminished.

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Asics Gel Trabuco Gets 4.5 Stars!

Check out these opinions on People seem to really love the Asics Gel Trabuco trail running shoe; the average rating is 4.5 stars! The shoe is described as “perfect” and “great”. Here’s an example:

This is an amazing shoe for running on trails and the road. It has alot of stability and you can run easily over rocks and roots without having to worry about tripping or twisting your ankle.

Go check it out!

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Asics Gel-Kinsei – Most Revolutionary Shoe Yet

On February 1, 2006, Asics launched its Gel-Kinsei, its most advanced running shoe to date. This stability shoe is jam-packed with features while weighing 13.2 oz for men and 11.5 oz for women. Here’s why you might want to consider a pair:

-The upper was created with a mesh material called Spacemaster-UV®. The material was inspired by sea-coral, and is very light, dry, and durable. Additionally, the shine reflects UV rays, making for a cooler run for your feet.

-The Solyte midsole cradles the foot and connects to the heel, providing maximum support

-The heel features two separate Gel® columns, and allows the heel to move independently while absorbing shock

It’s no wonder that Asics calls this shoe its “golden star” (kinsei’s English translation!). Previously launched in small quantities as the 2005 ING NYC Marathon, the shoe is now available in wide release for about $165. For more information, visit the Asics website.

February 13, 2006 | by Admin

Asics Gel Foundation VI: Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

Men's StyleMen's Style
Want a motion-control running shoe, but don’t want to lose the cushioning of a stability running sneaker? Try the Asics Gel Foundation. The Foundation, currently Asics’s sixth edition, is one of the company’s many motion control shoes. Built for the mild to severe over-pronator, it features a stability technology (in the form of a DuoMax medial post in this case) to ensure a controlled gait from heel to toe. Unlike many other motion-control shoes, the Asics Gel Foundation has a cushioning mechanism that ensures comfort throughout your stride.

The Foundation’s cushioning system stands out from other motion-control shoes through a variety of features. Like many Asics running shoes, the Foundation features a GEL® Cushioning System and a SpEVA® midsole to ensure a comfortable fit. The shoe also has a Personalized Heel Fit (PHF) memory foam that conforms to the runner’s foot over the course of its use.

The Foundation is geared to both male and female runners, and weighs in at a relatively light 12.4 and 10.1 ounces, respectively. Suggested retail prices run at about $90, but vary depending on location. For more information, take a look at our Asics reviews.

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