Rack Up the Miles in the New Balance 850 Series

Here at Running Shoes Research, we go straight to the runner to get the best word on sneakers. Today, we’ve profiled one runner has been loyal to the 850 Series by New Balance.

Name: Maureen
Age: 22
Location: Washington, DC
Biggest Running Feat: A 32 km run through Pavia, Italy
Shoes of the Moment: New Balance 856

Why she loves these shoes:

“I’ve been with this model since it was the 851…I like it because it’s a sturdy shoe and really controls my landing to minimize injury. It’s not designed for speed and it’s not particularly light or cushioned, but its sturdiness and rollbar support make it perfect for a distance runner who wants to pound a lot without making her knees and shins suffer the consequences. I run particularly heavy on my feet and need to watch out for shin splints and runner’s knee when I start upping my mileage – so the New Balance 856 has been a good model for me because it seems to have minimized those injuries.”

The New Balance 857, New Balance’s newest shoe, features a TS2 dual density medial post and an ABZORB SBS cushioning system that may make this version softer than the last. This stability shoe weighs in at 11.3 oz for women, and 13.7 oz for men. It runs about about $90-$95. More information on the 857 and other shoes can be found on the New Balance website.

April 12, 2006 | by Admin

New Balance: Balancing Great Shoes and Commendable Labor Practices

Long has negative publicity surrounding shoe manufacture labor practices in developing countries plagued the athletic shoe industry. New Balance, however, has been paraded as the exemplary brand for runners concerned with fair labor practices. Unlike other athletic shoe producers, New Balance rarely outsources production. In fact, 100% of New Balance’s manufacturing plants are located in the United States. At the height of public awareness about labor practices in the athletic shoe industry, New Balance was the clear choice for socially aware runners. But, it turns out, New Balance also makes a fantastic running shoe. Regardless of manufacturing labor practices, runners love New Balance.

So, you’ve decided a New Balance shoe is for you. But which one?

Supportive Cushioning Models

Stability/Motion Control Models

Lightweight Models

March 17, 2006 | by Admin

New Balance 1060 Review

One of the most well-known flexibility shoes out there is the New Balance 1060. This neutral-cushioned shoe is meant for middleweight to heavier runners. It offers a number of technologies that help runners with high arches. They include the following:

-An Abzorb SBS® system in the outsole that helps ‘absorb and disperse’ impact throughout the foot, a must-have for under-pronators

-The Blown Rubber Outside in the heel which helps keep the shoe light and cushioned

-An Abzorb FL midsole that makes the shoe even more resilient

This shoe is known as one of the softer flexibility shoes and gives a smooth ride with a little bounce. It is about $110 and weighs about 12.6 oz for men, 10.5 for women. For more information, visit the New Balance website.

February 23, 2006 | by Admin