Nike Shox R4 Earns a Solid 5 Stars

The Nike Shox R4 is engineered for the distance runner who yearns for a resilient yet lightweight shoe. The upper is made of engineered mesh to provide support where needed and breathability where it counts. The most noticable, but not necessarily notable, feature of the shoe is the shok cushioning. Nike boasts that Shok cushioning is engineered for the long run with a Zoom Air unit that delivers its own responsive cushioning during propulsion.

NikeFreak doats on the NikeShox R4:

I have run in this shoe for quite a while now and it is so durable. The columns have been mechanically tested for at least 2000 miles. I haven’t run that much in these, due to my other comfortable shoe, the Shox TL, but it has been quite durable in about 500-600 miles, I am guessing. Plus, the beauty of this shoe is awesome. I personally think that it is one of the best-designed running shoes ever. I love the Alpha Project dots in clear plastic at the heel of the shoe, the five dots by the forefoot mesh, the clean, sophisticated lines of the upper. It is just wonderfully constructed and has the performance to match.

This is a shoe for neutral runners who seek maximum responsive cushioning. If you have arch problems or are big for your size, this is probably not it.

The Nike Shox R4 retails for about $150.

April 24, 2006 | by Admin

Nike Air Zoom Percept – Softest Review Yet!

If you’re looking for the softest stability shoe on the market, the Nike Air Zoom Percept might be for you. Sorry boys, this comes specifically tailored for women in a lightweight, 10.1 oz design. This little sister to Nike’s 2005 Air Pegasus is our “softest” review to date.

What makes this stability shoe so comfy? Two key technologies. First, the heel comes with a Zoom Air system specific to Nike Air Zoom shoes. This cushioning allows the heel to keep momentum throughout the stride while minimizing impact on the forefoot. Additionally, a soft midsole and flex-grooves specifically geared to women’s feet give a runner the feeling that she’s running barefoot. These shoes can give mild pronators with normal arches the most comfortable run on the road! The come in around $110 and can be found at a variety of stores and on a number of websites. For more information from the source, visit Nike’s website.

February 17, 2006 | by Admin

Nike Air Cesium: A Lighter Running Shoe for Over-Pronators

While many motion-control shoes are relatively heavy, companies are now making innovations to these running shoes to make them lighter. One such shoe is the Nike Air Cesium.

Air Cesium, which was featured in November 2005’s Runner’s World Magazine as a hot new product, is classified as a stability shoe with motion control capabilities. The shoe features a crash pad on the lateral (outside) portion of the foot, helping soften the blow with each step and making it harder to over-pronate. Geared toward mid- to heavy-weight runners (runners that are more likely to over-pronate) the Air Cesium claims to “offer similar benefits of a custom orthotic,” according to Nike officials, while weighing in at a waif-like 10 ounces.

The Air Cesium is available on a number of European web sites and will be officially unveiled by Nike in January of 2006.

January 5, 2006 | by Admin