Stay Firm: Puma Complete Phasis III

If you’re feet are fairly normal, you do not suffer from especially high or low arches and you dig a firm shoe, the Puma Complete Phasis III might be the shoe for you. It offers breathable fabric and serious support. Runner’s World creates an annual review of shoes, and highlights the Puma Complete Phasis III in 2006′s report. Runner’s World says:

Think of the updated Phasis as a neutral-cushioned version of the Tenos. According to our Shoe Lab tests, the Phasis is a bit firmer, but slightly more flexible than the Tenos. The reason for the shoe’s improved flexibility: additional flex grooves in the outsole. The Phasis is built on Puma’s new last, which is slightly narrower in the heel. Recommended for biomechanically efficient runners with normal to high arches who are looking for a flexible cushioning shoe.

Runner’s World offers one line quotes about shoes from their wear-testers. These comments provide excellent, simple analysis from real runners about shoes you’re considering. Here’s an example:

“These shoes [the Puma Complete Phasis III] offered just the right amount of support and cushioning.” -Bobbie Krueger, 22, San Diego

March 27, 2006 | by Admin